Whoop, whoop... a Juggalo story.

On most weekends Byrdie and I walk up and down the Ave, seeing the sights and listening to street performers and stuff, or going to and from a diner or a theater. I'm usually wearing one of my Psychopathic shirt, or a jersey or something, and every time I get other Juggalos shouting "Whoop, whoop!!" or just calling out "What up, ninja?" or even just a simple "Awesome shirt man.". Just recently a guy was riding past on his bicycle, and when he noticed my jersey I was wearing (the hockey one with the lightning bolts)he turned his head so fast he damn near got whip lash and YELLED out a "WHOOP, WHOOP!!!!".

My point is, every time something like this happens I just get what can only be described as a big warm fuzzy in my guts. (Mmmmm, guts...) Each time it happens I just want to sit and chat with the person for a couple hours, just shoot the shit and see what's going on in their lives. Maybe even give Joe and Joey a big THANK YOU for creating this huge family that I get to be a part of. It really is an amazing thing.... it leaves me feeling blessed. Kind of like when I listen to "Homies"... I can just feel the love, like I know that there are Juggalos right behind me that got my back, even if I can't see them. Fuck man, I love that song. (All four versions)

Does anyone else have shit like this in their lives? Do you feel that magic too?
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A local fat-friendly blog about body image and sexuality

A local fat-friendly blog about body image and sexuality

An ex of mine who is local to the area has recently started up a blog on the subjects of weight, body image and sexuality. It's located at the address

Go ahead and cut/paste it to your browser, then give it a peek. My favorite two articles so far are the one about weight in the music industry and then the one titled "Fuck you, Butt-cake!!". I don't want to ruin the story for you, but I'm certain you will love it!!! I'm trying to get this out to as many people as possible, so if you like it, please, Please, PLEASE tell everyone you know. This blog is so good right now, and has the potential to become soooo much more. Anyway, enough pimping for now. TTYL
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Hey everyone!

Anyone still around in here? I've been thinking about hitting this place up with some new icons soon... anyone interested? Ideas are appreciated also!

Comment suggestions = good

And I'm out for now, just a reminder to check outttt:


I lost all my icons in my icon folder when my computer crashed a little while ago. Could everyone maybe post their favorite icons and who to credit for them? That would kick so much ass.

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